Product Lineup and Pricing

The day many of you have been waiting for has arrived. You can now find full details on the Terragen 3 product lineup, including final pricing, on our website. Head over to Planetside.co.uk for all the details!

Terragen 3 Product Lineup

Click through for details!

The final release date announcement is coming soon. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can win a copy of Terragen 3 Professional by signing up to our mailing list, and increase your chances of winning by sharing your personal sign-up link. Good luck!

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  1. Any chance for a previous customer discount ?
    Anyway good job guys.
    It’s a giant move forward.

  2. I’m not sure how upgrading fully works, but is there a way to upgrade to a different version? Say if I bought the TG3 Creative and loved it and wanted to start to animate. Could I upgrade to a different version or would I have to buy the other version separate? 5

    • Hi Matt, to add Animation to either Creative or Professional it’s $199. You save $50 if you buy Animation from the beginning bundled with the product (it adds $150 to the price of either product at initial purchase), but you can certainly upgrade later. Upgrades from Creative to Professional will also be possible, of course.


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